Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday, April 23 (8:36PM)

I've been procrastinating, I don't really know how to end this blog. I'm back in Boston, avoiding the unpacking process and trying to get things sorted out for summer. I went to pick up my guinea pig yesterday, he's on the floor eating carrots. Things are as they should be.

The trip was awesome, I got to see things I'd never seen and eat things that I may not eat again. All the places I went had good and bad points, which all evened out, and the overall experience was one that I will never forget and will be talking about for a long time to come.

Even though the places I traveled were wonderful there was an unexpected outcome of my trip that is probably the most valuable. Being able to spend time with my Mother as an adult for the first time. We were able to share experiences that I'm sure very few parents and children get to share together. And it was nice to be able to get to know her as a person that's separate from my parent for the first time in our relationship.

So although I just completed what many people have told me was the trip of a lifetime in many ways it's just the beginning of a lot of things for me. I'm really grateful for the time I got to spend not only with my Mum, but also in so many different cultures in a bunch of countries. These things have given me some extra insight on myself, and the goals I have. And all this extra information I've gathered should do nothing but help me in the future.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday, April 22 (9:32AM)

More photos from the trip.

Mum haggling at the market (Bali)

Turkey/Duck birds at the market (Bali)

Me in the giant infinity pool (Bali)

The Long Bar at Raffles Hotel, where the Singapore Sling was invented (Singapore)

Dumpling from a Hawker Center (Singapore)

Tuesday, April 22 (9:02AM)

Here are some cool photos that I'm pretty sure I haven't posted yet.

Floating fish farm on Halong Bay (Vietnam).

Night Market Stall (Laos).

Monks (Laos).

Mekong River (Laos).

10,000 Buddhas (Laos).

Angkor Wat (Cambodia).

Tsukiji Market (Tokyo).

Fisherman on truck at Tsukiji Market (Tokyo).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Saturday, April 19 (2:05AM)

In Toronto, drinking wine and eating pizza with old friends. Really nice to be back.

Monday back in Boston.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday, April 18 (3:15PM)

At the Narita Airport again, about to get on my last plane in Asia. Its been an amazing trip.

Mum is being nice enough to wait in the huge line at the Air Canada desk to check the rest of our luggage, which is why I have time to post briefly.

We went and had breakfast at the Tsukiji Market this morning, at the place both me and Mum think is awesome. The sushi place we went to twice our last time in Tokyo that's covered in hula dolls and generally all things Hawaii, and always has reggae playing. Not Garnet Silk this time, something a tad more generic. Had a fresh bowl of tuna covered rice, with some beautiful sea urchin. Delicious. We then went and got a box of Tamago (rolled egg) and some eel to have for dinner on the plane. The weather was miserable, pouring rain. I am going to be slightly damp for my 12 hour flight. Definitely worth the quick trip in for one last peek though.

I'll be arriving in Toronto at around 4 in the afternoon on the same day that I departed Tokyo at 5pm. Which means today is a very long day. This trip was a good length of time, I'm excited to go home and still feeling good about everything that I've done with my time here.

I feel about as deep as a saucer right now. Maybe I'll be more insightful from Toronto, no guarantees though.

Thursday, April 17 (5:32PM)

Leaving Jakarta, the hotel was nice enough to give us late check out so we could once again repack all our stuff so that we can take it with us. Damn weight restrictions.

Hopefully I'll have the internet at Narita airport tomorrow, we're going to go in for one last meal at the Tsukiji market during our lay-over. Then back into North America to deal with jet-lag again.

It's been a really awesome trip. I'm too in the middle of traveling to give it proper consideration at this point, but I'll have lots of time to think about it on the plane.

Going back through some pictures I really noticed this one, it's from a Temple in Cambodia.

I'm going to have to go through my images more thoroughly and do a pictures that should have been posted post. Or something.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday, April 16 (5:40PM)

I flew on Garuda Indonesia yesterday. Which along with other Indonesian Airlines are banned from flying in Europe and are not approved by any major international air safety groups.

It was an uneventful flight, but I managed to get myself really worked up before we took off. It's funny how little bits of information can seep into your head and totally change your perception of a situation. Needless to say I spent the flight freaking out.

Although it was freaky moment on my trip, it was also a good experience looking back on how I reacted to the situation. It may be a good idea for me to learn to relax a bit more when it comes to situations that are out of my control.