Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday, April 18 (3:15PM)

At the Narita Airport again, about to get on my last plane in Asia. Its been an amazing trip.

Mum is being nice enough to wait in the huge line at the Air Canada desk to check the rest of our luggage, which is why I have time to post briefly.

We went and had breakfast at the Tsukiji Market this morning, at the place both me and Mum think is awesome. The sushi place we went to twice our last time in Tokyo that's covered in hula dolls and generally all things Hawaii, and always has reggae playing. Not Garnet Silk this time, something a tad more generic. Had a fresh bowl of tuna covered rice, with some beautiful sea urchin. Delicious. We then went and got a box of Tamago (rolled egg) and some eel to have for dinner on the plane. The weather was miserable, pouring rain. I am going to be slightly damp for my 12 hour flight. Definitely worth the quick trip in for one last peek though.

I'll be arriving in Toronto at around 4 in the afternoon on the same day that I departed Tokyo at 5pm. Which means today is a very long day. This trip was a good length of time, I'm excited to go home and still feeling good about everything that I've done with my time here.

I feel about as deep as a saucer right now. Maybe I'll be more insightful from Toronto, no guarantees though.

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