Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, April 7 (8:04PM)

We arrived safely in Singapore. The Airport here is absolutely amazing, we arrived at the airport, the doors to the plane opened adn 15 minutes later we were in a taxi. We cleared customs and got three checked bags in that time as well. Truly an amazing airport.

Singapore is very different than the last three countries I've been in. It's impressively modern and amazingly clean. Coming from Hanoi these two facts made the arrival slightly jarring. Singapore is also very manicures, all the trees and gardens are clipped and groomed, It really is a remarkably attractive city.

We arrived at cocktail hour so we're going to the hotel restaurant, which recieved some awards when it opened last year.

More tomorrow, my camera died when I was trying to take pictures out the hotel window. I'll get lots tomorrow.

But here's a good one from Vietnam.

For some reason all the garbage cans in the caves at Halong Bay were penguins. Which I thought sent a weird message about penguins to be honest, but what do I know about Vietnamese penguins.

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