Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friday, April 4 ( 10:57AM)

I got my ass kicked by the elements yesterday, which is why there was no update. To be honest I napped instead. I finally got a sun burn, and the eating at street vendors and open markets as delicious as it can be took it's toll on my insides.

Feeling much better today, right now I'm trying to stay out of Mum's way as she tries to fit all of our new treasures gotten from various markets into our ever bulging suitcases. We are going to Hanoi this afternoon, we will be there for three nights, then we'll be in Singapore for a couple days. Then finally Bali and Jakarta. Two weeks today we'll be back in Toronto. I'll post again from Hanoi tonight, if the internet is working. Keeping my fingers crossed.

It took a few glances for me to figure out what this next image is, it was part of the evening food market we were at last night. Have a guess and I'll let you know if anyone gets it right.


Ross said...

Looks like some kind of bird; definitely has long legs and must be pretty small. Hmmm . . . I duno, bu it's kind of creepy to look at for too long.

Anonymous said...

mmm duck fetus

Anna Guard said...

Ummm. . . froggies? Duck fetus seems pretty right on, though.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a tiny bird to me - first thought it was a froggy too? Very weird - are they eaten whole like we get served Quail??

Sydney said...

These are tiny little birds that they catch and serve whole, bones, head feet, guts and all. If you looked at them closely their tiny little eyes are shut.

I remember something I learned in provincial French about a bird they used to serve like this in France, can't remember the name though.

I'm not sure exactly what kind of bird it is, that got lost in translation.

Thought it was kinda weird looking though.

jo said...

Ortolans. And ewwww, just eww,and i don't ewww at much!