Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday, April 8 (10:44PM)

Happy Birthday Gerlinde!

My day in Singapore started with me, being very ill in the early hours of the morning. This was probably a result of something I ate in the last 48 hours. Which means I didn't really get out on the town until 11am.

We went around the city until we decided to go and see some of the hawker centers just outside of the downtown core. They were really wonderful, an great example of what food can be, and why fast food in North America is not all it could be, to put it politely.

One of the stalls at the hawkers centers.

Stall at a different location downtown.

After seeing some hawker centers, and food stalls around town Mum and I took a duck tour, my first time on those amphibious car things, which was fun. But at that point my insides were starting to give out again and we headed back to the hotel. I still got to see some of the neat parts about Singapore that I wouldn't have without the tour.

This is the lion/fish, which is the emblem of Singapore. Very neat to see from the water, on a duckboat.

Once I was rested Mum and I went to Raffles Hotel, which is a beautiful old hotel in the center of Singapore. This is where the cocktail the Singapore Sling was invented, I sampled one while I was there. It was good enough, a tad sweet for my tastes though.

Dinner was at an Italian restaurant called Michelangelo's, the International Gourmet Summit is being held here this month and the chef at did a six course sake pairing with Italian food. Mum had the sake pairing menu, but due to things beyond my control I ate decided it was better for everyone if I stuck to something a little simpler. I had a very good antipasto, with smoked snowfish that was unbelievable.

Right now I am back at the hotel, feeling sick in the tummy again. Tomorrow we're leaving for Bali for a week. But we've still got most of the day here in Singapore, so I should have more to say tomorrow.

I really hope I kick this bug soon, it's really putting a kink in my armor.

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