Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, April 7 (11:01PM)

Dinner at the hotel (New Majestic Hotel) was amazing. I started with oxtail and tongue with a green salad, then had fried sea bass with champagne sauce and then braised abalone with house made bean curd. This abalone made me realize why people eat abalone, it was tender and had a lovely subtle flavour. None of the rubbery popping of my last abalone experience in Japan.

Every bite was delicious, and the plating (although it may have been a tad precious) was very pretty.

I didn't take pictures, but in a perfect world I'll have more to say about this tomorrow.

I feel bad posting without a picture so here's some pictures from Laos.

I loved these birds, they were all over the rural villages but we didn't see them in Luang Prabang. They're like a turkey/duck hybrid.

This is from a whiskey village in Laos. These are the medicinal bottles of whiskey, the ones with the snakes are specifically for womens health. Not sure what the scorpion whiskey is for.

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