Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday, April 5 (3:15PM)

Hanoi is a very busy bustling city. Mum and I spent most of the day at a tailor's down the street getting some clothes made. The malaria medication that we're both on is starting to make Mum really sick so we're back at the hotel after getting measured for some new clothes. It's raining out anyway.

The silks and linen here are really beautiful. Anyone looking to take a long trip for a new wardrobe should think about Hanoi as a possibility.

We're spending tomorrow on Halong Bay, where they shot some James Bond movies so there should be lots of good pictures then. But here's some from this afternoon.

Street Corner, in the Old Quarter.



Anna Guard said...

Y'know, I was gonna get a couple of new shirts for the summer and I was thinking I'd go to the Gap or something. But now that you've mentioned it, I don't really have anything going on, so, yeah, I'm just going to head over to Hanoi and get some new clothes.
Where are you staying? We should meet up for noodle soup.

Sydney said...

We're staying in the Old Quarter, and if you get here tomorrow we can probably meet up for tea...