Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, April 17 (5:32PM)

Leaving Jakarta, the hotel was nice enough to give us late check out so we could once again repack all our stuff so that we can take it with us. Damn weight restrictions.

Hopefully I'll have the internet at Narita airport tomorrow, we're going to go in for one last meal at the Tsukiji market during our lay-over. Then back into North America to deal with jet-lag again.

It's been a really awesome trip. I'm too in the middle of traveling to give it proper consideration at this point, but I'll have lots of time to think about it on the plane.

Going back through some pictures I really noticed this one, it's from a Temple in Cambodia.

I'm going to have to go through my images more thoroughly and do a pictures that should have been posted post. Or something.

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