Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday, April 9 (11:41PM)

Just arrived in Bali, it's nice to be out of Singapore.

Singapore was a nice place to visit, but the more time I spent there the more I felt like there were reasons to keep my mouth shut and look over my shoulder. The culture has so many laws, many of which when they're broken lead to capital punishment or caning. And it's not like you have to kill someone to end up on the gallows (which is the method of choice). They use the death sentence primarily for drug traffickers, anything over 20grams is a capital crime. Coming from Canada where the legalization of pot seems to lurk on the horizon this was a little shocking to me.

They also just banned poppy seeds for the small levels of opiates that they contain.

It just seems like a culture that has to be so regulated to function may have some more serious underlying issues than grass. But who knows, I was only there a couple days.

I don't have internet access in my hotel room here, so I'm sitting outside of a closed bar getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Tomorrow the manager has promised to move us to a room with the internet. Keeping fingers crossed on that one.

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